Tag: Piss Drinking

Urinella has to drink some more pee

Urinella really doesn’t like to drink anymore… but Venus Vendetta doesn’t care about his stupid opinion. And because she wants to test out some new golden shower games she just starts peeing at him. And in addition she also has a new invention! With this new toy she can perfectly control where her pee lands… and of course this is directly into the mouth of the stupid slave Urinella!

An extraordinaire border check

Because Princess Nikki wants to visit her girlfriend she needs to cross the border. But the stupid immigration officer doesn’t let her through without an urine test. Of course she will help him with this… but in another way than he thought! She pees right into a glass and forces him to drink it! “So what do you think, is everything all right now, you stupid officer!?”

Venus Vendetta pees in his mouth through a funnel

Her stupid slave pig doesn’t want to drink any pee anymore. But of course Venus Vendetta doesn’t care about this! To ensure that he still drinks her delicious golden nectar she uses a funnel and puts it right in his mouth – and starts to pee! Because he is bound with some tape he is almost helpless and has no other choice than to drink her fresh pee!

Need to pee while doing the shooting

Nikki and her girlfriend Mini are out for a hot shooting when they suddenly realize that they urgently need to pee! They don’t think about the situation for long and just decide that their slave needs to solve this situation! He needs to open his mouth and soon after it is filled with lot of their fresh piss!

Mistress Gaia’s prisoner pee time

I have my prisoner in a compartment in the dungeon. She thinks she is going to be allowed out for some exercise. However, I have other ideas in mind. earlier she said she was thirsty and asked for something to drink. I told her to crawl out into the light and I would wet her taste buds. As she helplessly looks up at me. I tell her I’m going to give her something to drink. She has to open her mouth nice and wide for me. As it’s a hot day, I remove my clothes. I stand over my slut, and have a good piss into her open mouth. What a enjoyable relief for me as I watch her swallow my amber nectar. I’m sure her thirst is well and trully quenched…